Memoriam Glass is proud to introduce a renewed concept in premium finished memorial plaques. Glass plaques are becoming increasingly popular in cemeteries as an alternative to bronze plaques; using digital technology, images created on computer are printed or etched into the glass. This allows for photos, text and other digital images to be incorporated into a glass plaque.

Memoriam Glass has taken the design of glass plaques to a new level. As well as offering a standard glass plaque, where the image and text is printed straight onto the glass and finished with a flat background, Memoriam Glass offer a unique premium glass memorial plaque with a textured finished background.

The imagery is printed onto high clarity, safety glass and encased into a stainless steel frame for increased durability. There are a number of mounting options available to suit your requirements.

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Standard Sizes (w x h):

  • Burial 380mm x 280mm
  • Burial 380mm x 230mm
  • Burial 560mm x 305mm
  • Cremation 190mm x 120mm
  • Cremation 190mm x 190mm
  • Crypt Shutter 700mm x 530mm
  • Crypt Shutter 1300mm x 530mm

Other sizes on request
Any digital image (of high enough resolution) can be used.

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....Remember me

As I do you,

With all the tenderness

Which is possible for one

To feel for another,

Which no time can obliterate

No distance alter,

But is always the same.

-Abigail Adams