How safe is glass compared to granite?

Granite and glass are both brittle products. A sheet of 3-4mm thick granite is just as brittle as the sheet of 3-4mm thick window glass that we use in our homes.

Memoriam Glass uses 40mm thick laminated safety glass for headstones and petite memorials (10 times thicker than your window glass and thicker than most granite bench tops). Two slabs of 20mm glass are bonded together using a resin. In the unlikely event of either slab being broken it is still held in place by the other panel of glass; this greatly reduces the risk of injury and debris that occurs when other types of glass and granite break.

Plaques are made using 10mm toughened safety glass, fully sealed and bonded into a stainless steel frame.

Will the memorial be difficult to keep clean?

All our memorials are protected by a clear industrial coating that repels rain and dirt. The memorial will require far less upkeep than your windows at home. The most that the memorial may need is an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth.

Can I have a photograph on the glass headstone?

Photographs can be scanned if a digital copy is not available. Digital images are then printed onto the glass using the latest technology, ensuring that the colour is durable and fade resistant.

Creating a personalized memorial is one of the strengths of our design team. During the consultation stages we focus on meaningful details that will meet the needs of the family’s wishes. We use a variety of techniques to interpret these details through artwork that includes symbols, photographs, poetry and nostalgic images.

Can we add future inscriptions to a glass memorial?

Sandblasting the surface of the glass can easily be done on site or in the factory. If we know at the initial consultation that allowances must be made for more than one family member we design accordingly so that elements may be added later.

We would like to renovate our family memorial, what options do you offer?

Memoriam Glass can either renovate or replace existing memorials. The new memorial can be a glass interpretation of the existing one or a new design. We can utilise the existing memorial if required and incorporate elements of it into the new one.

Is a glass memorial expensive?

Our memorials compare favourably with the cost of the larger traditional headstones. We offer a selection of options during the consultation so that each client stays in control of their budget throughout the design process.

We cater for all sizes and style preferences.

I don’t live in Victoria can I still order a glass memorial?

If you are willing to consult with us by phone, fax and/or the Internet, we are happy to freight your memorial interstate and make arrangements with a local contractor to do the installation. If you prefer, we are happy to oversee installation works on site as well.

We have memorials installed interstate and also overseas.

If I am considering a glass memorial what is my next step?

Contact Memoriam Glass on 03 9761 7727 or email


....Remember me

As I do you,

With all the tenderness

Which is possible for one

To feel for another,

Which no time can obliterate

No distance alter,

But is always the same.

-Abigail Adams